Thursday, August 12, 2010


Wow, it has been a long time since I posted anything on here. Sorry everybody, I am not the best blogger around. :P Well, I thought and update was in order. Fiona is currently placed with her boy who has Autism, and from what I have heard, is doing very well with him. They seem to have bonded and Fiona is now an official working service dog! It is a wonderful thing and I know she is working hard and making a huge difference in her boys and his family's lives.

The plan was for Fiona, before being placed with her boy to be bred and raise a litter of puppies. That did not work out as she did not want anything to do with the stud dog she was matched with. He was a poodle and well I guess he wasn't her type. I raised Oscar for a while when Fiona was gone trying to be bred. I had a great time with him and am excited to see where his path takes him. He was a very happy learner and loved his training sessions. He bonded with me very quickly and wanted to be next to me at all times. He was a 5 month old puppy at the time and now is is grown to a teenager. I haven't seen him or the other dogs for a while because I have been raising a "puppy" of my own. I gave birth to my daughter on April 1st, 2010 at 2:41pm after 62 hours of labor. I had her at home on my bed and it was the most difficult but most rewarding and empowering things I have ever done. I still am amazed at the strength my body is capable of and the life-giving power it has. The experience truly was wonderful and brought my husband and I together even more as I relied on him through the whole labor and afterwards as my main support. I had Fiona before and during labor as after her coming out of heat, I took her for a while and then she was spayed, so I had her during her healing process. After I gave Fiona back to Joy for her finishing training and placement with her boy, I took a break to raise my daughter in her early months.

I am so ready for another dog to train and spend time on the computer researching dog training methods and watching dog training videos to continue to increase my knowledge. I plan to get involved again here shortly with raising Assistance dogs.

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