Saturday, July 25, 2009


Two weeks ago, Fiona went with my husband and I on a camping trip over the mountains in Powell Butte. For those of you who do not know where Powell Butte is, it is north of Bend and East of Redmond. We brought the Youth Group which we work to my parents house and we all camped in tents. Fiona slept in the tent with us and did very well. On Tuesday, we all went to the High Desert Museum and I had to sign a paper saying that if Fiona caused a raucous that she would have to leave. She did very well, except that she was concerned about the bobcat and lynx. Both cats were in a glass area that made it so Fiona could be almost right next to them. She growled a bit and wanted to be away from them. I distracted her with treats and after a while started to relax some more, but still was worried that such large cats were so near to her. Later, we went for a walk into a lava cave. It was pitch black in there and we only had flash lights. Fiona has better eye sight in the dark than me because she didn't have trouble finding where to put her feet. I held onto her jacket and she led me through. She did really well but after walking for about 30 min. into the cold darkness, she was getting a little worried. When we decided to go back, she was moving briskly, happy to be leaving the cave.

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